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In memory of the soldiers in my ancestry.
The Soldiers
Noah Aker-enlisted in the CSA on April 20, 1862, CO D 45th VA INF. He was captured by General Sheridan's forces 2 years later at Winchester. Imprisoned as a POW at Lookout Point, Maryland. He survived some of the worst conditions of any POW camp during the war
.Mitchell Carter Bralley-enlisted in the CSA in 1863, CO D 45th VA INF. Captured in 1864 at Piedmont and imprisoned at Camp Morton. Released and recaptured at Waynsboro March 2, 1865 held as a POW at Ft Deleware. Survived.
Guy Samuel Bralley-enlisted at Wytheville April 1862. Promoted to Sargeant. Served in 20 battles over 3 years, Survived
Stephen C. Bralley-enlisted in the CSA April 1861, CO D 45th VA INF. Wounded at the Battle of Cloyd's Farm in what is now Pulaski County. Captured in 1864. Survived.
Marshall Gray-CSA CO B 29th VA INF. Dead by 1865.
Austin Hillenberg-CSA CO B 45th VA INF, discharged in 1862. Re-enlisted in the same year CO B 29th VA REGT. Dead in 1863.
Eli Hillenberg-Enlisted in the CSA April 1862, CO B 29th VA REGT. Served in 23 battles over 3 years. Survived.
Stephen King-CSA CO D 45th VA INF. Survived.
Daniel Hilgenberg- Served on the side of the British as one of the Hessian troops rented to King George III. As a grenadier in the RALL REGT he landed at Staten Island on August 14, 1776. Captured at Trenton, New Jersey on December 25, 1776; and he remained a POW until exchanged in 1778. Sometime after, he deserted British forces and made his way to what is now Wythe County, Virginia